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CHAMPION Canine Life Vest™

This dog life vest offers serious protection and peace of mind while on the water.
Up to 2000 lb. strength! (see below)! Improved swimming with energy saving for your dog.
New model CCLV-210 features incredible fit and performance - this vest  floats to the top!

Dogs are usually good swimmers, but as with their human counterparts, a floatation vest can save their life in the event of an accident. Now canines can enjoy the same protection as their owners. Customers who have purchased our dog life jackets say that it really brings peace of mind and relaxation to the outing. An added benefit is that the extra buoyancy allows dogs to swim faster, further, longer, and with less energy output, so they can save a little for the trail home.

Designed and refined with 4 years of research, this dog life vest offers the high end performance, quality, and style you would expect from a Champion Canine Designs™ product. It allows high energy swimming and athletic activity without much restriction. Well suited for both strong swimmers and injury/rehabilitative use it is comfortable to wear in and out of the water and functions great as a walking harness.

The fit of this 9-chamber contoured masterpiece must be seen to be believed. If your dog deserves the best this is it!

  Contoured design for mobility in & out of water!

SIZE L shown above, SIZE XL left

GREAT FOR: boating, beach, pools, physical therapy/rehabilitaton
arthritis/hip dysplasia, dogs with seizures, whitewater and waves.

The CHAMPION Canine Life Vest Model CCLV-210 features:

Strong enough for SERIOUS protection and safety restraint! Model CCLV-210 has up to a 2000 lb. (size XL) total breaking strength to provide protection if thrown overboard from a moving vessel or into fast moving water. A key difference from the  "discount" dog life vests out there.The grab handle can also be used as a marine or auto safety tether attachment point providing a respectable degree of safety restraint protection in boats or vehicles.

TOUGH 6 Panel Cordura nylon outer shell - Ballistic grade fabric lower and front sections for extra durability. It can hold up to brush, branches, concrete, rocks, dirt, sand and mild chewing..Machine washable.

9 variable-thickness foam chambers for excellent buoyancy and an incredible fit -
The shell has been designed to fit at just the right height around the neck, and it even tapers slightly towards the back. It doesn't have the big blocky look you might expect from a dog life vest. In fact on most dogs it fits well enough to wear comfortably on extended hikes and double as a walking harness and protective jacket for all day excursions.

Contrasting Aquatic Yellow and black color panels for style and visibility -
Available in any color you want as long as it's yellow and black!

Includes 1/4" silver reflective safety piping strips on top sides.
Provides maximum visibility in darkness or low light. Headlights and search lights will cause it to shine bright white.

Sturdy integrated grab handle makes lifting your dog in and out of the water easy -
The handle is positioned to provide balance and support while lifting. It maintains a low 1/2" profile when not in use to prevent snags,

Marine grade stainless steel D-ring for leash attachment - positioned like a harness ring and much stronger than plastic rings. (up to 600 lbs.) Well worth the extra cost to include - it makes this vest a practical walking harness, and can be used with marine leads for reliable aquatic use.

Large Heavy duty DURAFLEX™ quick release buckles -
Sizes XL and XXL feature beefy 1 1/2" buckles and webbing like our larger size harnesses. Even the 3/4" buckles used on XS and S sizes can take a pounding.

Soft, fur resistant packcloth inner lining -
EASY to wipe down, hose off, or throw in the washing machine.


(Includes Silver Reflective Piping)

Sizes to fit any dog 5-200 lbs.! (SIZE XS shown above)

ABOVE LEFT - our exclusive 9-panel design & contours
ABOVE RIGHT - handle lifts dog in a balanced position

makes a great pool, beach or trail harness! (SIZE S shown)

CHAMPION Canine Life Vest Size & Price Guide
Model# CCLV-210

Allow 3 weeks for delivery of CHAMPION Canine Life Vest.



XS 12-18" 5-12 lbs.

Yorkie, Toy Poodle, Chihuahua, Maltese

S 16-24" 10 -22 lbs

Large Terrier, small Spaniel, Westie, Whippet

M 22-30" 20-40 lbs. Beagle, Cocker Spaniel, Border Collie, Bulldog $74
L 26-34" 35-70 lbs.. Many German Shepherds, Lab & Golden Retrievers, Husky $79 border.gif (1139 bytes)
XL 30-40" 60-110lbs. Oversized dogs & many large breeds like Rottweiler, Giant Shepherd, Great Pyrenees $92 border.gif (1139 bytes)
XXL 36-48" 100-200 lbs. Great Dane, Saint Bernard, Mastiff $105 border.gif (1139 bytes)

Canine Life Vest Fitting Tips:

WEIGHT: Very important in determining the best size. Exceeding maximum listed weight will result in reduced bouyancy. If between sizes: Athletic dogs and good swimmers will prefer a smaller size, while older dogs and dogs in rehabilitative therapy will generally do best with the larger size. 
MEASURING: If you're not sure based on weight and breed suggestions, and want to measure your dog to ensure best fit, loop a tape around the chest just behind the front legs as shown in the illustration. Pull the tape snug but not tight. If you do not have a soft measuring tape - no problem, just use a piece of string and then hold it up to a yardstick or metal measuring tape.


As a general rule for dogs under 3 years old,  it is best to allow an extra 2-3” for the chest measurement, so if closer than 2” to the max adjustment go to the next larger size For dogs with unusual body shapes:  Note that the front and rear sections of the life vest adjust independently to accommodate virtually any dog body type. The front section of this model adjusts through a greater range than our former model. If a chest is especially large BEHIND the front legs, and much smaller in front, order the smaller size. Do not exceed maximum weight which will compromise safety. If chest is especially large IN FRONT of the front legs, and  more “normal” behind them, order the larger size. Do not exceed maximum weight which will compromise safety.


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