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WARNING: A 30 MPH collision can result in forces of 20 times your dogs body weight!
Like human seat belts, our dog seat belt products are built to actually protect in a serious accident, and not just provide movement restraint while driving like most dog seat belt products.

Why restrain your dog? There are more resons than you may think Click here.

To complement our series of the finest dog safety gear we offer
dog travel accessories including Seat Covers, Cargo Covers, SUV Barriers and more!

CHAMPION Canine Seat Belt System™

Still our best-selling product, The CHAMPION Canine Seat Belt System works great with any seat belt, or cargo hooks in a van, SUV, truck, or wagon to provide trouble-free restraint and excellent protection for even the rowdiest dog!

The most versatile dog seat belt available, it provides the 2000 LB protection level that your dog deserves. This innovative design offers quick-release convenience with the safety, strength, and comfort of our specially engineered CHAMPION Harness™ and Restraint Strap™ (not just a modified leash and walking harness).

SURVIVOR Big Dog Seat Belt System™

An extra large and heavy duty version of our popular CHAMPION Canine Seat Belt System™, the SURVIVOR is engineered to offer maximum protection for all dogs from about 80 to over 200 lbs. Includes our SURVIVOR Harness™ and SURVIVOR Restraint Strap™.

The heavy duty Restraint Strap adjusts from 6 -28" for excellent versatility and ease of use with both seat belts and cargo hooks.

CHAMPION Canine Truck Restraint™

Designed to help safely transport up to 3 dogs in a truck bed. Our truck restraint uses heavy duty hardware and 2" wide nylon webbing (not wire, rope, or cable which are more likely to injure your dog). For use with the CHAMPION Canine Seat Belt System or �, the SURVIVOR Big Dog Seat Belt System™, or the CHAMPION or SURVIVOR Restraint Strap™ and any harness.

CHAMPION Puppy Package™

Buy any size CHAMPION Canine Seat Belt System or SURVIVOR Big Dog Seat Belt System and get a discount on a smaller size CHAMPION harness for your puppy to fit into now! A great way to protect your puppy and get them used to riding with a seat belt! Adult dogs who have grown up with seat belt systems ride very well and even learn to help put the harnesses on.

CHAMPION Restraint Strap™

The CHAMPION Restraint Strap (included with the CHAMPION Canine Seat Belt System), is designed to provide exceptional strength, versatility, and adjustment. They are easy to attatch to different types of vehicle seat belts and SUV cargo hooks, but nothing beats the convenience of having one already set up and adjusted in each vehicle your dog will ride in. The CHAMPION Restraint Strap will also work with other types of harnesses, but for good safeiy and comfort we strongly recommend use with the CHAMPION Harness only.

SURVIVOR Restraint Strap™

The SURVIVOR Restraint Strap (included with the SURVIVOR Big Dog Seat Belt System), is designed to provide the ulimate in strength, versatility, and adjustment. The SURVIVOR Restraint Strap uses a real seat belt adjuster buckle and adjusts in length from 6-30" for ultimate versatility and range of movement control. This makes it excellent for use with all large dogs, or tall thin dogs like Greyhounds that fit the smaller CHAMPION Harnesses but need some extra length. It is also great for dogs that require a shorter Restraint (down to 6"). It is easy to adjust even when your dog is belted in. This feature can be used to provide very easy hook-up and release, and with a simple pull you can tighten the strap down for safety when in use.

Dog SUV Cargo Area Barriers

Strong and versatile vehicle barriers keep pets contained in the cargo areas of SUVs, minivans, and station wagons. Pressure-mounted barriers install in minutes without tools. Frame expands from 35" to 61" wide and 26" to 44" high. Made of heavy-duty tubular steel with a black powder-coated finish. Rubber end caps at contact points help to protect vehicle interiors.

Dog Auto/SUV Rear Seat Covers

Protect your vehicle's upholstery with these durable, water and fur resistant universal fit pet seat covers. Seat belt compatible with Velcro openings. Classic style quilted corduroy cover is available in colors Black Pawprint, Chilly Pepper, or Cappuccino Pawprint. Great fit and price make these covers highly recommended accessories for use with our safety gear.


Pawprint Single Dog Seat Cover

Designed specifically for use with smaller dogs, the Pawprint Single Dog Seat Cover is easy and effective at protecting your vehicle's upholstery from muddy paws, fur, dirt, and liquids. It is probably the quickest to install and remove seat cover on the market. This simple design with stylish pawprint graphic fits and looks good on most bucket seats, captains chairs, and split bench seat halfs.


Dog SUV Cargo Covers

Protect your SUV cargo area with these durable, water and fur resistant universal fit cargo covers. Available in standard black, camo, and quilted seude versions to suit a variety of styles. Seat belt compatible. Universal fit and affordable price makes these covers a highly recommended accessory for use our safety gear.



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