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Please read all included instruction guides and the information below before using any Champion Canine Designs seat belt or truck restraint product!

It is a good idea to put the harness on your dog a few times before putting them in the vehicle. This way they can get used to the harness and are more comfortable with being restrained. If your dog tries to bite or chew the straps, try using a chewing deterrent spray such as "bitter apple", available at most pet stores.

When using the system the first time, observe your dog's range of movement. It is possible for a dog restrained by the seat belt system to move enough to interfere with the driver or jump out of the vehicle. It is also possible for some dogs to slip out of the harness. Windows should be rolled up as necessary, and the harness should be checked periodically for correct adjustment.

Airbags may be dangerous to smaller dogs as with children. They may discharge with enough force to break a neck or cause other serious injury. Most dogs, like children, are safer in the rear seat.

It is possible for your dog to become entangled in the seat belt system. If this happens, reattach the Restraint Strap as necessary. It may be easier to unfasten than to untangle a dog in this situation. Unfasten the Restraint Strap from harness if leaving your dog unattended in the vehicle, especially if for a long time. (Do not ever leave your dog in a car in the sun or in warm weather. This can very quickly lead to heat stroke or other life-threatening situations.) Most dogs learn not to become entangled, and actually like the seat belt system because it provides stability during braking, cornering, and accelerating, giving them a sense of security. Some veterinarians even recommend restraint systems to help dogs prone to carsickness. As with introducing anything new to your dog, such as learning to walk with a leash, it may take a few times for your dog to become comfortable riding with a harness, but soon they will learn to use the system, relax, and enjoy the ride.

Keep the CHAMPION Canine Seat Belt System out of the reach of small children.


As with all safety products, the use of this product does not ensure protection from, and in some unusual cases may even contribute to, injury and/or loss of life or property. Read all instructions and warnings before use and follow all safety recommendations. Champion Canine Designs and all re-sellers will assume no liability for damages occurring from the usage, and/or failure of this product due to design or defective materials. This product is sold on the condition that the consumer and/or user assume all risk and liability resulting from usage.

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