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Why restrain your dog?

There are more reasons than you may think...

Prevent driver distraction. This is the most important reason because it affects not just your vehicle's occupants, but potentially many others. Pets and loose objects are the 3rd worst in-car distraction according to a recent AAA study! They were considered worse than cell phone usage (#6), eating & drinking (#5) and adjusting climate controls (#4) (#1 is radio or CD player, #2 is children or others in car - Source: Extra Magazine telecast 8-20-01). During 2000 in the US more than 1.5 million accidents were caused by distracted driving! (Source: NBC Dateline telecast 6-19-01).

Protect your dog. Your dog deserves the same protection as you and your family... In a 30 mph. collision occupants of the vehicle can exert a force 20 times that of their body weight! Seat belts and harnesses protect by absorbing some of this force and distributing the load evenly across the stronger areas of the body, protecting the head, neck, and body from injury. A dog restraint that reduces this potential impact force can make the difference between life and death, and help prevent serious injury. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that:

  • seat belts are the "most effective means of reducing fatalities and serious injuries when traffic crashes occur"
  • "3/4 of occupants who are ejected from passenger cars are killed"
  • inpatient hospital charges are on average $5,000 higher for non belted occupants




Protect yourself, your family, and other passengers in your vehicle. In an accident, a dog can be thrown with hundreds or even thousands of pounds of force into other occupants of the vehicle, easily causing life threatening injuries. A good restraint system can help minimize this danger.

Make it easier for rescue workers and EMTs to help in the event of an accident. A dog that has been in an accident is likely to be shocked, confused, injured, and protective. It does not understand what has happened and may attack people or rescue workers indiscriminately and without additional  provocation. Your dog may think that people who come to help you actually caused  the accident and are now coming to attack again!  Police officers have told us that they have shot dogs when in this situation.

Prevent runaways and daring escapes! Even well behaved dogs can have their moments of "distraction". Far from home or on vacation is the worst place to lose your dog. Dogs can also get injured or killed jumping from even a slow moving vehicle.

Convenience. It is easier to restrain your dog than to worry and guard against escape every time a window or door is opened! This also means you may be able to leave some windows open for ventilation.

Helps dogs that get carsick or fear driving. Some veterinarians recommend restraint systems to help stabilize a dog when braking, cornering, and accelerating. This gives them a feeling of security and may help them overcome nervousness and the fear of driving.

Restraints may be required by law. California and several counties and cities in other states now require all animals to be tethered in vehicles.



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