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CHAMPION Canine Truck Restraint



A strong, safe truck tie-out for up to 3 dogs! Designed for use with the CHAMPION Canine Seat Belt System or SURVIVOR Big Dog Seat Belt System. NOT FOR USE WITH NECK COLLARS.


Many owners like to take their dogs for rides in the back of pickup trucks, and most dogs really enjoy this experience. Although it is fun and easy way to travel with dogs, there are many dangers for the dog, owner, and others on the road. Aside from the obvious dangers of getting thrown out or jumping out, dogs may be blown out by the blast of air from an oncoming or passing truck on the highway. Veterinarians have informed us that this is quite a common occurrence and more often than not results in the dog’s death. Dogs that survive this experience can run in panic and easily get lost, and of course are likely to sustain permanent injuries. Also this creates a potentially very dangerous situation as other drivers try to avoid the dog. This is a main reason for tether laws like the one in California. Even during normal driving, truck beds can be slippery, and dogs can get thrown into the sides, cab or tailgate and become injured.

The CHAMPION Canine Truck Restraint™ provides a solution, an easy and safe way to transport up to 3 dogs in the back of your truck. This innovative new product features an adjustable strap of heavy duty 2″ nylon webbing with 3 heavy gauge welded D rings. The strap ends with 2″ round rings that attach to tie down hooks on the truck with the 2 included 3/8″ x 4″ spring links.

The CHAMPION Canine Truck Restraint is available in black, red, or royal blue to match our seat belt systems. It adjusts to fit any pickup truck that has round-eye or bar- type tie down hooks, and many others that have welded sheet metal tie down fittings. Some minor modifications, such as drilling a second hole in the fitting, may be required. To see if the Truck Restraint will work with your truck, buy a 3/8″ spring link (shown in photo – also called a “snap hook” or “snap link”) from any hardware store. These may vary a little in size, so you may want to compare with the specs given below (coming soon- call 1-800-352-0010 for info. now). You may also find another link or other connector that works well with your truck and can attach to the 0.262″ thick, 2″ diameter round ring.


Holds dogs closer to center of the truck bed – (compared to a restraint tied to only one hook) this helps prevent them from jumping or being thrown over the side and dragged..

Extra strong 2″ wide nylon webbing – provides superior strength to help handle the huge load that 3 large dogs can deliver in a quick stop or accident. The extra width also protects the dogs if the are thrown into the strap, giving less of a “clothesline” effect. Much safer, and actually stronger, than cable restraint systems!

Heavy duty hardware – our welded D rings, round rings, spring links and steel adjusters are the heaviest we could find and much stronger than regular dog leash and harness hardware.


Quick and easy to use – attaches and removes in seconds!

Multi-use – use a tie-out for camping etc. and for other tie down applications – versatile design can secure tools, cargo, sporting equipment, and more! (The CHAMPION Canine Seat Belt System™ and SURVIVOR Big Dog Seat Belt System™ also work great in the cab, in cars, and as a walking or tie-out harness.)

Makes driving easier and more enjoyable – no more constant worrying about your dog getting thrown out when braking, cornering, and accelerating. Also great when traveling off road.

The CHAMPION Canine Truck Restraint adjusts from 56 to 70″ (fits any truck with cargo or tie down hooks).


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