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Our best harness for dogs from 10-80+ lbs. A proven performer for walking, training, athletic activity, and automotive safety restraint when used with the CHAMPION Restraint Strap™ (see CHAMPION Canine Seat Belt System™). And it looks great!


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Following extensive research and testing, we created a harness that offers you the convenience and versatility of a quick-release design, and your dog the protection and comfort of a specially engineered safety/athletic harness with wide straps and quality hardware.

The CHAMPION Harness™ was designed to outperform conventional harnesses in all applications, and thousands of satisfied customers and their dogs will assert that it does! Available in 5 sizes 3 colors and MOONGLOW™ Reflective styles to match our wide selection of collars and leads, this harness looks great and makes a bold style statement wherever it is worn.

The CHAMPION Harness™ provides:


Special safety harness design – Sizes M-XL can hold over 2000 lbs.! (when used with an appropriate lead or the CHAMPION Restraint Strap™ This is many times stronger than most harnesses. This strength is required to provide reliable protection in automotive applications during an accident or quick stop. Using a D-ring from each side, the CHAMPION Harness does not depend on plastic buckles or metal “tongue buckles” for load bearing.load bearing. on impact. These types of buckles may weaken with wear and abuse, become brittle in cold temperatures, and in our opinion just do not provide adequate protection. This dual-ring feature makes the harness very strong and reliable. It can protect your dog even if the quick-release buckles are broken or improperly fastened!


Extra wide side straps – help distribute pressure across your dog’s body reducing the chance of injury. Our M-XL systems use 1 1/2″ straps, and our XS-S sizes use 3/4″ and 1″ straps, at least 50% wider than most walking harnesses. our premium grade washable nylon feels very soft and smooth, and is designed, along with the padded chest strap, to be worn on long road trips and walks without irritating your dog’s skin. The padded chest strap also features a 100% fur-resistant but very soft and comfortable packcloth lining.

Cushioned, floating chest pad – allows the top of the harness to slide freely to each side, helping to prevent shoulder injuries during an accident or athletic activity. The padded chest strap also features a 100% fur-resistant but very soft and comfortable packcloth lining. The V-shaped top of the harness is designed to help stabilize the dog and prevent spinning around while moving.

No-bunch harness design – eliminates the bunching and pinching problems that occur when most harnesses are used with seat belt restraints.


Quick release buckles and hardware – easy to put on, take off and adjust.

Great as a walking/athletic harness AND automotive safety restraint – it will perform well in cars, trucks and SUVs (see CHAMPION Canine Seat Belt System™). Having one harness that can do both jobs well is a breakthrough for outdoor enthusiasts, athletes, and people who like to travel with their dog.


Designed to provide big reflection for safety at night, and still look great in any light condition, MOONGLOW™ Harnesses are great for both temporary use and everyday wear. MOONGLOW™ Products are available in 2 color choices to match out MOONGLOW™ Collars and Leads, both reflective laminates are sewn onto our soft, high grade black nylon webbing:

High-Luminescence Yellow – the brightest reflective material we have found, and the best choice for safety – very noticeable when lit by headlights, street lamps, or even moonlight. It will reflect much better than most other laminates and woven-in white or gray reflectives.

Indigo Electric Blue – reflects less light than the yellow, but will still light up and be noticeable under headlights or street lamps. Has a very cool glowing effect under certain lighting, subtle but effective.

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Chest Adjusts: 11 – 17", Fits Weight: less than 15 lbs, Fits (general guide): Yorkie, Toy Poodle, Chihuahua, Maltese


Chest Adjusts: 16 – 24", Fits Weight: 10 – 35 lbs, Fits (general guide): Mini Poodle, Westie, Fox Terrier, Whippet


Chest Adjusts: 20 – 28", Fits Weight: 25 – 50 lbs, Fits (general guide): Beagle, Cocker Spaniel, Border Collie


Chest Adjusts: 25 – 35", Fits Weight: 45 – 90 lbs, Fits (general guide): German Shepherd, Boxer, Lab & Golden Retrievers, Husky


Chest Adjusts: 30 – 42", Fits Weight: 70 – 100+ lbs, Fits (general guide): Oversized dogs & large breeds like Rottweiler, Giant Shepherd, Great Pyrenees.


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