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SURVIVOR 3X Big Dog Collar™



Our super strong, dual D-ring, 2 1/2″ limited slip, training/walking/tie-out collar for big dogs. 1200 lb. break strength, it’s 3X as strong as most quick-release collars!

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Available in the same wide, soft, high grade nylon webbing as our SURVIVOR Harnesses™ and Leads, the SURVIVOR 3X Collar offers big-dog style and unparalleled strength with over 1200 lbs. holding power! The collar tightens about 1″ when both rings are attached to a lead, and another 1 1/2″ or so when the dog pulls to provide security and correction without the choking danger of a full choke collar. Combine with the SURVIVOR Lead with COMMANDER Grab Handle™ for ultimate control. Can also be used as a non-slip collar by attaching to other ring (this does reduce the strength to about 500 lbs.)

The SURVIVOR 3X Collar™ features a unique dual D-ring design that works similar to the CHAMPION & SURVIVOR Harnesses to allow a lightweight quick-release buckle for closure but not load bearing. As with the harnesses the load is entirely taken by heavy duty steel slide adjusters and the big gauge welded D-rings. This makes the collar surprisingly light and comfortable for it’s high strength, and very easy to adjust, put on, and take off.

SURVIVOR 3X Collars™ are available in classic Black, Red, & Royal Blue. MOONGLOW™ styles are not available in this collar due to construction details.

Additional information

Regular Big Dog

1 1/2" wide, adjusts 20 – 30", Best for dogs 90-150 lbs.

X-Large Big Dog

2" wide, adjusts 24 – 34", Best for dogs 120+ lbs.


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